Hi I’m Trudi®, The world’s first AI powered virtual property assistant.

Handling tenant and landlord enquiries. My powerful AI Engine allows me to respond to the majority of enquiries placed via the Trudi® App or Google Home. Anything I can’t help with, I’ll forward straight to your team.

So your team can spend more time on the things that matter.

Cost efficiency.

Outsourcing to Trudi® allows your property managers to focus on activity that builds your business. Cheaper than hiring an additional team member, and significantly increases staff productivity.

Reducing the need for on-site visits.

My remote video inspection tool helps your team assess maintenance issues and conduct routine inspections without leaving their desks.

Assisting with time-consuming tasks.

From arranging maintenance to preparing a lease renewal and designed by industry experts using real tenant and landlord data, Trudi® is trained to respond to 2 million and growing tenant and landlord enquiries. Trudi® allows complex enquiries to be answered instantly without any human involvement.

Connect your portfolio in minutes

Connect your database with one click. With leading property management software and trust accounting systems to allow me to monitor keys dates, send you reminders and update fields on request.

We know every agency does things differently.

That’s why Trudi® is programmed to assist with as little or as much as you want, and will keep your staff informed at every step of the process. Trudi® will also learn your preferences over time with our machine learning technology.

Everything you expect from a Property Manager in a mobile app.

Online Listings

List your properties online with Trudi® so they are always visible to potential customers and clients looking for your service.

Instant Replies

Trudi® knows time is of the essence and theres nothing worse than getting left on read. Trudi® always replies instantly. 

Rent On Time

With easy rent payment setup. Trudi® keeps your payments on time every-time. With a record of your past and upcoming payments.

Available 24/7

Never get left hanging. Trudi® is available 24/7 so you can always get an answer when you need it most.

Backed by a team of professionals.

The best of human and artificial intelligence combined. When it comes to property management, some tasks still need a human. That’s why 100% of my work is supervised by a qualified team of Australian property managers who are always just a phone call away.